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Kids on Snow (Beweg dich Schlau!) by Felix Neureuther

The concept Move smart! from ski superstar Felix Neureuther in every ski course at the Schauinsland snow sports school!

With the concept Move smart! Children not only learn how to ski in a playful way, but also develop and train their brains at the same time! The snow sports school Schauinsland transmits together with the German Ski Instructors Association (DSLV) Move smart! by Felix Neureuther into the snow. We are convinced that

Skiing is ideal for doing something good for your brain while having lots of fun!

The coordination skills are commonly considered to be the “sports equivalent” of the central nervous system. And which sport is more demanding than skiing in terms of coordination? Sporting requirements are particularly useful for the brain when the students have to consciously control their behavior, i.e. they have to use their heads to cope.

Nature with its infinitely varied impressions, the high oxygen content in the mountains and the social interaction provide the remaining ingredients that make the ski course the perfect place for Be smart! by Felix Neureuther.

Felix Neureuther

This is what ski superstar Felix Neureuther says about the new learning concept at the Schauinsland snow sports school:

"Kids on Snow! shouldn't be dry instructions for a better life, but help and motivation for children and young people to move and develop their brains at the same time. It should be fun and even more fun while skiing!"

Felix NeureutherSki-Superstar

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Kids on Snow! (Beweg dich schlau!) by Felix Neureuther

What is "Kids on Snow!" exactly?

This is a new movement concept, the content of which we are now teaching in all ski courses. Mental processes are activated by the diverse movement sequences in skiing. These so-called executive functions – working memory, inhibition and cognitive flexibility – are stimulated by constantly changing environmental conditions. Changing speeds when skiing, different types of terrain or different snow conditions offer ideal learning conditions without having to create an artificial environment.

Who wrote "Kids on Snow!" developed?

The currently most successful German ski racer Felix Neureuther in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich (Chair of Preventive and Rehabilitative Sports Medicine). Experts from the German Ski Instructors Association (DSLV) further developed the concept to make it accessible for ski lessons. And we convey it to you!

For whom is "Kids on Snow!" suitable?

Primarily for children and young people. Because in courses at the Schauinsland snow sports school, they should not only learn to ski in a playful way, but also train their brains at the same time with special exercises. A particularly lasting learning effect occurs when movements have to be consciously controlled – the brain then learns the fastest.

Cost of courses with "Kids on Snow!" more?

No! All new insights, exercises and games from “Kids on Snow!” flow into our popular ski courses! This means: We integrate the latest scientific findings into our children’s course concept, which has been tried and tested for many years.

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