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Skill levels


Goal: Independent skiing and braking
Practical knowledge: Basic knowledge of the equipment, terrain, and safety

What you’ll learn:

  • Elementary snowplough turns
  • Skiing and snowplough braking
  • Skiing in a straight line with parallel skis and stable position
  • Ascending using side steps and herringbone
  • Get to know your equipment and learn to move on level terrain


Goal: Independent downhill skiing on blue slopes
Practical knowledge: Safe use of ski lifts

What you’ll learn:

  • Elementary turns with parallel skis
  • Jumping small kickers, first slope tricks
  • Diagonal skiing and side slipping
  • Rhythmical snowplough turns
  • Snowplough using weight shifts


Goal: Confident and rhythmical parallel turns
Practical knowledge: Safe slope conduct according to FIS rules

What you’ll learn:

  • Slope tricks, navigating bumps and hollows, easy fun park
  • Improve your turn control – basics
  • Improve your turn control – basics, and how to use your poles
  • Stabilize and secure your position
  • Parallel turns on a variety of groomed trails


Goal: Confident and secure turns at varying levels of difficulty
Practical knowledge: Terrain safety and risk assessment

What you’ll learn:

  • Navigate open country masterfully
  • Confident jumping and skiing in parks
  • Fast and athletic skiing
  • Mastery of difficult and steep slopes
  • Expert deep-snow skiing and moguls