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Snow guarantee

The principle is simple: If there is no snow, you get your money back. But it’s pretty unlikely that it will come to that on the emergency scream lifts.

Decades ago there were the first snow cannons in the Black Forest at Notschrei. And today, the snowmaking at the lift is one of the most modern in south-west Germany: Quiet, efficient, resource-saving. The facilities were completely renovated just a few years ago. In addition, the wind-protected location of the winter sports area in a forest at an altitude of more than 1120 meters.

Sounds good? Off to the Notschrei ski lifts!

Bitte Infos im roten Kasten beachten!
Bitte Infos im roten Kasten beachten!

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the snow guarantee

When do I get money back?

If there is not enough snow at the Notschrei ski lifts and the courses cannot take place as a result. In this case, the Schauinsland snow sports school will inform all participants by e-mail. The Schauinsland snow sports school determines when the snow conditions do not allow courses.

Who gets money back - and how much?

In the event of a lack of snow, everyone who has booked and paid for one or more courses gets money back. The Schauinsland snow sports school will inform those affected by email. The entire course fee will be reimbursed.

How do I know what the snow situation is?

We update the snow report daily on our home page and on this page – until around 8 a.m. We kindly ask you to refrain from telephone inquiries about snow conditions. If courses are actually canceled due to lack of snow, all participants will be informed by email.

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