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FAQ: Frequently asked Questions

How can I book courses?

Über unsere Online-Buchungsplattform. So können wir am besten planen und werden nicht überrascht.

How do private lessons work?

You book your desired number of hours for any number of participants exclusively online via our booking portal. About one week before we release continents in our booking portal. Booking by phone is not possible.

Together with your teacher you will discuss what you want to learn shortly before the lesson starts. Through specially tailored lessons you will learn faster and more intensively. Have fun!

What should I bring to a skiing course?

Skis, shoes, and a helmet. Poles are not necessary for the beginner’s course. Skis must be fitted to the shoes. Don’t forget to bring water-resistant clothing and gloves. Equipment can also be rented or bought in our shop.

What should I bring to a snowboarding course?

Snowboard, boots, and helmet. The snowboard must be fitted to the boots. Don’t forget to bring water-resistant clothing and gloves. Equipment can also be rented or bought in our shop.

What should I bring to go snowshoeing?

We’ll privde you with snowshoes and poles. Don’t forget ankle-high, water-tight shoes, and weather-proof clothing.

What happens during the lunch break built into all-day courses?

We’ll closely supervise children and young adults for free during the all-day courses. Lunches are taken together before ski and snowboarding courses are resumed. Food and drink are not included in the price of courses.

Where can I buy lift tickets?

Lift tickets can be obtained directly at the Notschrei ski lift. Please buy lift tickets before the start of courses! An overview of prices can be found here. Season passes are often cheaper for children.

What kind of snow conditions can be expected?

Because of its snow machines and ideal location, Notschrei is one of the safest bets for snow among winter sport areas in southwest Germany. Detailed information about conditions on the slopes can be obtained at the lift or by telephone at +49 (0) 7602 399, or at the Schneesportschule Schauinsland at +49 (0) 7602 288.

Can I rent out material directly at the lift?

No, not as of yet, but we’re working on it. Our shop and rental service is located 5 minutes by car from the lift. The directions can be found here.

Can I trade in used equipment?

Yes, absolutely. Our trade-in scheme is very popular, especially among families. Simply buy (used) skis, shoes, and poles before the beginning of the season. If you or your children outgrow the equipment, we’ll then put its value toward the purchase of new items. In this way, skis, shoes, and poles, as well as snowboards and boots, grow with your children.

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